American University of Armenia

The American University of Armenia (AUA) is a private institution of higher learning, offering a global education in Armenia.
Proper Company developed and successfully implemented a visual identity system for the university. Our team was later commissioned to uplift the Annual Report format and create a publication that would reflect the new visual identity.

Messages from the Chair and the President of AUA. Photography by Hayk Frangulyan.

Deep navy is the primary color in AUA's branded palette, inspired by prominent Armenian painter M. Saryan's fauvist paintings. He often used this color to create depth and set shadows in his art. 

Orange is the regalia color for Engineering in AUA's secondary color arsenal. It was selected to celebrate the expansion of the college of Science & Engineering during the year of 2017-18. While the primary color will remain unchanged, the accent color will vary in each publications.

Quotes by world-known leaders are featured to inspire readers and invite their attention to the bigger vision of the institution​​​​​​​ 
Clean and uncluttered desi
gn helps to focus on the content and ensures great readability.

In pair with Orange (the regalia color for Engineering in AUA's secondary color arsenal) some of da Vinci's hand drawings are used to support the theme of Science and Engineering. 

Abundance of white space on the full-page section openers allows for eyes to rest. 

* Note that this project should not be referred to as AUA official Annual Report. For the official report visit

Thank You.

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