Kraki Ktor (meaning literally ‘a fragment of fire’ but translated as ‘active’ or 'energetic') is a new and boundary breaking orange wine by the innovative winery, Karas Wines. Layered on foundations of creativity, unconventionality and a quest for the new, this young dry wine embodies the distinctive volcanic terroir and the fiery sun of the Ararat Valley. Unfiltered, Kraki Ktor has been carefully aged in timeless clay vessels known as amphoras (or ‘karas’).

We translated the distinctive characteristics of the wine into an equally challenging design approach. Our response is both warm and unconventional, leading to the first ‘un-named’ label on the Armenian market. Dispensing with traditional logotypes and descriptors, instead, we reinterpreted the winery’s classic pictorial mark. This depicts an amphora, which we sketched surrounded by vibrant and playful flames. We extended our experimental approach into the production phase. We replaced conventional foil and paper with a bold, textured wax for the organic shape of the capsule and for the label itself. Now old and new tastes meet in a unique fusion.
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